Here is how mobile forms can help your business perform better

If your company still makes use of pen, paper and clipboard to handle business operations, your processes are more likely to be time-consuming and boring. If your employees mark their work hours on a piece of paper and drop by the office to submit information, you are certainly lagging behind since the way business processes are handled now-a-days has transformed.

Mobile forms are deemed a reliable means to capture data and there are multitude of options why you should switch from your legacy paper forms to mobile forms- enhanced business performance being one of the major reasons. When mobile forms can help you save time, efforts and money while carrying out business processes, why stick to clipboard.

Embracing mobile technology is not only beneficial for employees in the office, but for mobile workforce as well. Field employees need not travel back to the office to submit collected information. Data once captured can be right away shared with multiple employees at the same time at the click of a button. Moving paper forms to cloud-based system enables access to information anytime, anywhere. So, the next time your client requests you for some information when you are not in the office, you need not worry. Mobile forms let you access information from any part of the world.

Mobile forms lead to increased visibility, which is crucial for security checks, compliance monitoring and analyzing the efficacy of company’s IT spending. A system to manage external cloud apps and file services utilized across the company securely for employees helps gain this visibility. For large companies running a business with logistical difficulties, mobile forms remove potential roadblock, simplifying data sharing and access.

A common problem faced by almost every business using paper forms to carry out business processes is mobile workforce management. There is no trusted way to measure the performance of field employees. Decisions related to the same are taken on the basis of information collected through paper forms, which can be easily manipulated. Monitoring the location of field workers is equally challenging as knowing what they are doing. There are a large number of employees who do not serve the customers on time, knowing that they cannot be monitored. This eventually poses a negative effect on the performance of a business. However, mobile forms help overcome this hassle.

Owing to geo-tagged submission of mobile forms and real time tracking solution, business managers can gain insight into exact time when the job was performed, along with monitoring employees’ whereabouts. Being sure of delivering prompt service, businesses can build trusted customer relationship, ultimately performing well.

TeamBee, a well-configured mobile data collection app, allows the businesses to create customizable mobile forms to collect data as required. Real time updates coming from field employees aid in quick decision-making. Elimination of the need to re-type the data into the machine helps save significant time of employees, enabling them to concentrate on their core work. Backed by a solution to manage workflow and mobile workforce, businesses can effectively enhance their overall productivity.


Here’s how mobile forms can help a transport company

Mobile forms serve as a perfect option for diverse purposes and businesses, and this applies to transport company as well. When a transport firm has to communicate locally and remotely, mobile forms simplify the process by eliminating the need to prepare paper documents to share the information. Additionally, mobile forms have proved to streamline the way business processes are carried out.

A transportation company has to maintain multitude of documents, including billing records, defects reports, proof of delivery of products and many more. Like other organizations, many transport companies also look for ways to expedite their processes and maintain high-quality of service. But, unfortunately they are unable to find right solutions. However, mobile forms actually serve as a reliable option to save money and efficiently collect as well as maintain accurate data.

These forms are perfect not only for large logistics or transportation companies, but also for taxi companies. Be it a complaint form, sales lead form, customer feedback form, vendor registration form or request a quote form, the managers of a transport company can create customizable forms to suit their needs. One of the most exciting things about these type of forms is that they do not require coding skills. The simple drag and drop options allow even the not so tech-savvy individuals to easily create mobile forms.

They make a suitable choice to get feedback from not only stakeholders or customers, but also from your team members. Simply speaking, an online form building application not only benefits your organization, but also enhances your customer experience.

Today, when almost every employee or driver has a smart phone, communication is possible even on the go. Data collection as well as management is quick, precise and safe. Furthermore, as data captured through mobile forms can be converted into pie and charts, data analytics becomes easier. Transport companies can ensure better decision making.

Indubitably, each transport company is different from the other one. The need to hire drivers, send confirmations to customers, conduct surveys and generate reports, make payments, and lot more, is often realized by these companies depending on their size and industry. A mobile form offers plentiful benefits, beginning from HR, sales and marketing departments in a transport organization. While the jobs of HR executives, such as maintaining records of current employees and potential candidates, have become easy, sales and marketing departments too can seamlessly access, manage and share data with those who require.

The geo-tagging feature of mobile forms allow the managers to know when and where the form has been submitted. This is something enormously beneficial for a transport company, where the drivers and other field employees are often on the go and keeping track of jobs performed by them is vital.

Simplifying lengthy processes, mobile forms have come as a boon to transportation industry. TeamBee is a trusted mobile form building application that offers mobile reporting and real time tracking solution Chandigarh. Managers of transport company can assign jobs to field employees, stay on top of tasks performed by them, receive real time updates from the field and put data to work right away. This eliminates waiting and supports quick decision making. Better data intelligence is another remarkable reason to use TeamBee.

Mobile forms: Paving way for increased business productivity

Basically, increasing productivity includes lowering costs, focusing on improvements that enable the businesses to proffer prompt response to the needs and requests of the customers. This is based on rapid access to vital information.

While it is usually not possible to offer quick access to information through paper documents, mobile forms are making the process easy. Not only can mobile forms be easily created to collect required data, they can be shared from anywhere at any point of time. Helping the businesses with the following, mobile forms make an ideal solution to enhance business efficiency.

Transfer data in digital form

When talking about the conventional approach to manage business processes using paper and pen, field employees who are assigned the job of data collection have to travel back to the office to submit captured information so as to enable the professionals in office to put that information to work. The process is not only time consuming, but tedious as well. Imagine how annoying it becomes when the data has to be transcribed after it reaches the office.

But, thanks to mobile forms, all these needs are eliminated. Field employees can send data back to office immediately after it has been collected. The information transferred is in digital form and is ready for use right away. Thus, mobile forms not only help save the time and efforts, but also allow the professionals in office to take quick business decisions.

Compatible with every mobile worker’s job

Mobile forms are designed such a way that they can be easily customized to meet diverse requirements of both field workers and employees in the office. Whether you have to conduct mobile surveys or report any field incident, mobile forms can be tailored as per your needs. Moreover, it does not matter if you have to generate a brief report or a more detailed one having multiple pages, these forms can effectively serve your requirements.

So, if you are real estate company, an educational institute, a food broker, a security firm, an insurance company or any other industry, mobile forms have the potential to simplify jobs for you.

Data intelligence made easy

One of the necessities for enhanced business productivity is right decision making. Professionals should take decisions that help a company to grow. However, decisions are based on data captured. Since paper forms can easily be lost and possibilities of data entry errors always exist, data accumulated might not be precise and hence the decisions taken might not be right for the organization.

Nevertheless, mobile forms not only allow accurate and complete data collection, but also help in data intelligence. The option to convert data into pie charts and graphs enables better data analytics and decision making.

TeamBee is a dependable mobile data collection app that can help you go paperless. Offering mobile reporting and real time tracking solution Chandigarh, TeamBee streamlines business processes for you. Deploying this app into your organization, you can collect data, share real time updates, manage your mobile workflow in a better way, assign jobs to field employees from anywhere, take rapid business decisions and do lot more. All this contributes in boosting your business productivity.